03 September 2007

Ligurian Memories

I know I haven't posted anything recently, but don't think I've abandoned you! I've simply been on vacation. I spent two weeks in Moneglia on the Ligurian coast with Emilio's family... And what a two weeks it was. What daily culinary bombardment! The garden was in full production, offering up zucchini for our sauces, their flowers to stuff with cheese or anchovies, tomatoes for salads and sauces and everything else. Basil for pesto which in turn topped pastas, crostini, and one fabulous night, pesto lasagna. Lettuces, green beans, sage, oregano, rosemary, parsley, thyme are all nestled cosily on that hillside under a canopy of olive trees.
I promise to post anecdotes and recipes as I recall and perfect them, but right now I'm too busy trying to readjust to the oh so real world of work and city life!

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LaLaLaLeah said...

Looking forward to reading about it all!