06 March 2008

All-American in Italy

Friends, Family, Fellow bloggers: I have a small request.
I want american food. I want your most american, down-home, back-country or inner-city, passed-down, real recipes. I have been colonizing Italy, one meal at a time, and I'm running out of ideas.
I'm ready to show Italy that we might have something more than McDonald's to offer the world's kitchen.
Give me all you got.


Nisa said...

i'm on it. sorry i've been so lazy about blogging here lately. stay tuned...

Checco said...

Good idea Laurel! (can you belive it? I'm writing in english....)
We tried the original Thanksgiving dinner, the original home-made hamburger, different and delicious kind of snack, the wonderful brownies, and a lot of other tex-american-italian food. But we still don't know what american eat every day!
Thanks for all your dinner-party-meeting!
Does it mean something? Dinner-party-meeting... I hope so.

Now, please, if you read this comment before, try to translate it, from maccheronic-english in your language...