05 May 2008

Classic Cornbread

2 c. yellow cornmeal
1 c. flour
1/2 c. sugar
4 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 1/2 c. buttermilk
2 eggs, well beaten
1 stick butter, melted and cooled

Pre-heat oven to 400ยบ.
Melt butter and let it cool.
Mix together all ingredients.  (Don't over stir)
Pour into a greased and floured loaf or brownie pan.
Bake 20-25 minutes, until golden brown & toothpick comes out clean.
Serve with honey butter.

* Add any other goodies you like in your cornbread: chipotle peppers, jalapeno jack cheese, or dried cranberries and pecans.


laurel said...

Mmmmmm... I love cornbread. It's also really good if you toss a can of sweet corn in the batter.

Emilio said...

it sounds delicious, and it looks great in your picture!

Nisa said...

Let me testify to the fact that this is the best cornbread recipe...ever!