16 August 2007

pesto from liguria


4 bunches of basil
garlic (1 segment or less, it’s up to you)
1 spoon of pine nuts
50 grams of pecorino cheese
50 grams of parmisan cheese
5 spoons of extra-virgin olive oil
(I would suggest 3 spoons more than 5)
salt (I never put salt)

Wash and dry carefully the leaves of the basil (without the stem) and put it in the mixer with pine nuts, garlic and salt. Once blended, add the cheese to obtain a homogeneous paste. Then add olive oil till you reach a thick cream.
The pesto sauce is used in the recipe of the minestrone and with pasta (trenette if the pasta is dry; troffiette if it is fresh).
P.S. If the pesto sauce is too dark you only need to add more pine nuts or parmisan cheese.


LaLaLaLeah said...

In terms of flavors, basil has to be one of my absolute favorites. One of my fondest Italian memories lies in the bowl of pesto-drenched pasta from the beachside restaurant in Moneglia. This recipe is one I will refer to often - thank you.

laurel said...

Analisa took this picture herself in Moneglia, so it is all very authentic. One lazy afternoon we got out all the ingredients, set up a still life in the front yard and had a very professional pesto photo shoot.