04 July 2007

Fig and Venison Stew

OK - this is an example of a high protein, low fat, locally harvested, all natural, meal-in-one-pot dish that requires only a few extra bottles of wine!

First "Go Feed The Chickens"
Use a large roasting pot
Salt and pepper the venison roast
Heat oven to 325
Heat some olive oil and sear the roast on all sides - a la Emilio
If no Venison, try this using a cat! Not OK with fish.
Slice a few onions widely and several cloves of garlic -the more the merrier and saute till clear; Remove onions/garlic. Lick spoon
Slice fresh figs in half and brown cut and round sides in the oil a few minutes - don't cook them mushy! Remove figs.
Deglaze the pot with white wine (scrape up any stuck delicious stuff). Lick again
Put roast back in pot with onions, a few bay leaves, some red pepper, fresh herbs, maybe an anchovy or three, some ginger, brown sugar.
OK, now you know all my secret ingredients for 'fattening' up the sauce (remember venison is lean and doesn't make a deeply flavored stew by itself).
You could add root veggies at this point (potatoes, carrots, turnip, watermelon)
Cover the meat with more wine and cook at 325 for at least 4 hours - till meat comes apart easily with fork. Break up into reasonable sized meat chunks
If lots of juices, take meat out and cook down over stove till it thickens some; if not wet enough, add wine.
Cook some fresh, wide egg noodles.
Serve with robust red wine (also goes well with dark beer, Martini, Scotch, Whiskey)
Serve over noodles with garnish of green stuff from the garden.

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This is the stuff i wanna hear about, Rock on!