30 July 2007

Tuna-stuffed tomatoes

I made these for a nice, light lunch last Sunday in Milan. They are really quick and easy and yummy.

1. Make a tuna salad out of your favorite tuna-salad stuff (I used tuna, dill, capers, lemon and some red onion. It was a little dry, but I was out of mayo, so i improvised with cottage cheese. Not a bad combo, I must say!)
2. Cut a circular hole in the top of a few tomatoes and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.
3. Fill with tuna salad.
4. Eat!

I served them with some fresh, crusty bread, home-made hummus, and a greek salad. Perfect on a hot steamy Sunday in the city (or the country for that matter)!

1 comment:

Emilio said...

I can confirm they were really good, although if you roll one into a freshly grilled New York strip steak they must be even better!!!

bon appetit!