01 July 2007

Farm to table ideas...

We (the folks at the Cibolo Nature Center) are buying a farm in Boerne, Texas! Dreams are flying high these days and we even image a way to go full circle from garden to kitchen. Nisa found this dreamy place...could we do it too?
Dreaming, Carolyn

Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a platform, an exhibit, a classroom, a conservatory, a laboratory, and a garden. The restaurant will reflect the spirit of the farm, the territory, and the market. The kitchen will express the humanity and the fervor of the educators, preservationists, farmers, cooks, and servers who learn and work at the Center. The road ingredients travel from harvest to the dinner table becomes a part of their "character". Simplifying this path changes the taste, often enhancing it. Actively reconnecting the farm and the table creates a distinct consciousness. Through our choices of food and ingredients, we - chefs, waiters, diners - are inescapably active participants in not just eating, but in agriculture. This awareness adds to the pleasure of eating.

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laurel said...

I think this is a great idea, and definitely do-able. I think it would be a big success in the community. You could incorporate farmers markets, fairs, organic gardening workshops, etc etc etc. Very cool!