28 June 2007

Incubator Kitchens

I may be way out of the loop, but I just have to share my new discovery. I just found out about these awesome non-profit organizations called Incubator Kitchens. Imagine being a low-income immigrant woman who wants to start her own catering business, but in order to do something like that you have to have loads of money for all the equipment, licensing, etc. For a lot of people, this is a dream that is completely out of reach. Incubator Kitchens are non-profits that provide a community commercial kitchen space, as well as training and technical assistance. For a minimal fee you can go in and make 2000 tortillas (or cupcakes) for a wedding, all in a fully approved and equipped commercial kitchen. This gives folks a chance to start a business with almost no overhead. Pretty rad. Check out the New York Times article, and the website for La Cocina, a San Francisco based Incubator.

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