21 June 2007

German Recipes?

This Saturday I am attending the second monthly Supper Club party put on by my friends Sam & Jerry. It is a themed potluck-style dinner party. This month's theme is "bring a dish from the REGION you were born". Having been born in Boerne, I plan to bring German food. Now, I haven't had much experience with this type of cuisine - in fact, I had schnitzel for the first time the other month at the Welfare Cafe (a "must" to experience when in the area, by the way).
Do any of you cooks have a suggestion for my potluck contribution?
I have been playing around with the idea of preparing some sort of mini/finger sandwhich made of German bread, meat, grain mustard, kraut, pickles, cheese, etc. I would love to make weiner schnitzel simply so I have an excuse to say "weiner" all night. Or (and most realistically) I may try to make chocolate stout cupcakes.

Ich liebe weiner vielen.

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laurel said...

Oh oh!!! I got it! GERMAN-Chocolate cupcakes! If your looking for something more dinner-y though, check out epicurious, they have a whole
German cuisine section
including recipes like "SHEBOYGAN-STYLE BEER-SOAKED BRATS."
Whatever it is you make, I expect pictures and a full detailed recount.