12 June 2007

How to make my favorite cereal

1 bowl Go Lean Crunch with almonds
1 cup plain soymilk
1 spoon

Eat lazily while reading catalogs.


laurel said...

Mmmmm... that sounds good. I like to throw some yogurt in there too.

LaLaLaLeah said...

Did you know that Chavin and I will one day open a Cereal Bar? A 24/7 joint, buffet-style, with dispensing bins of all kinds of cereal (including homemade), all sorts of topping options and milk/yogurt options. The combination options are endless! An item under the "Chef's Recommended" menu would be one of my favorite cereal combos: equal parts Life and Cheerios (they mix well b/c they are both made of oats) with a splash of Grape Nuts for crunch - healthy, just sweet enough to satisfy and fun.