12 June 2007

Sgroppino al Limone

Thank God it's sgroppino season again!
Some of you have previously had the privilege of tasting this after-dinner or pool-side treat. It's a venetian recipe, and I first had it when Emilio and I went to Venice for a weekend about 2 years ago. It was in this funky restaurant off some dark alley, and they brought out all the ingredients in a bowl and whisked it up right at our table.

2 cups (16 oz) lemon sorbet, softened
1 shot vodka (or more, to taste)
1/3 cup prosecco
4 Tbsp cream or half-and-half

Chill 4 to 6 champagne flutes. In a bowl, whisk lemon sorbet until smooth. Gradually whisk in vodka, cream and Prosecco. (You may also mix everything in a blender.) Pour mixture into a pitcher and serve immediately in chilled champagne flutes. It will separate if left standing, so make one batch at a time and consume right away. Serves 4 to 6, but I dare you to try to stop after just one glass.


Elizabeth said...

That sounds fantastic...now I just need a beautiful Italian beach to sit on.

tortillawoman (Brook) said...

Laurel...what is Prosecco and where to I get it?

amajoy said...

Prosecco is a variety of white grape grown in the Veneto region of Italy, and also gives its name to the sparkling wine made from the grape. I buy it at Whole Foods.

laurel said...

Brook! Prosecco is a bubbly white wine, sort of a poor-(italian)-man's champagne. It might be hard to find, so you can substitute it with a normal white wine, though the bubbles really add some zest to this recipe. The important thing is that you DON'T add a sweet wine! That would just be wayyy too much!