25 November 2007

Turkey Day

A photo essay on Thansgiving at the Mason House, 2007 (Conclusion to follow when my computer isn't acting up..):

The bird.

The tools. Art by Mark.

The burning of the Moonshine Valley Ranch Cherrywood, pre-smoker.

The masterpiece(s).

Front Door. Decor by Nisa.

Entry Door. Decor by Nisa.

Dining Table. Cloth by Emilio, decor by Nisa, gourds by God.

Full Table.

Lamar and Dolmas.

Table #2.


Dressing, by Lamar.

Pumpkin pie, by Jill.

Pumkin ice cream with salted pumpkin brittle swirl, by Tonio.

Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmellow Meringue, by Jill and Swirled Halvah.


laurel said...

This is beautiful. I just can smell the great food, feel the warm faces and love in the house, and bask in the beauty of the decor and the warm welcome of the Mason household on Thanksgiving day.

Emilio said...

I have no words for your post, it triggered all my memories and all my hopes for the future to be there again. Such a unique, family celebration even for me, in spite of my relatively recent "texanity"!