25 November 2007

What a spread!

Well, our first Italian Thanksgiving party was a huge success! It looked like a real Thanksgiving (except for the name tags I added to the food for the sake of the Italians). Anyway, it was a blast, hugely tiring, but a lot of fun. It was dinner for 18, but we cooked for 40, I'm not joking. My two American partners-in-crime are both fabulous cooks and enthusiastic party-girls. It was definitely a group effort that never could have been pulled off alone. Recipes are on the way!
the girls

the turkey (before)

...and after

the pie

the leftovers


LaLaLaLeah said...

The Italians will never be the same!
Congratulations on pulling off what looks to have been a delectible, delightful, filling food fest.
What was your favorite dish to make and/or enjoy? What seemed to be the favorite new discovery for the Italians? Leftovers, anyone?

laurel said...

Pumpkin pie. That was definitely my favorite thing to make and eat. In fact, I've been eating it non-stop for 2 days straight, since I made enough for a small army of pumpkin eaters.

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Wow, you went all out, too!! Looks great. Where did you fit all the people??

laurel said...

Unfortunately, we didn't have room to seat everyone at a table, so we just did a buffet style with plenty chairs and couches available. That's something I'll do differently next year, I really think having everyone at a table makes it a much homey-er evening. So next Thanksgiving I'll either move in to a castle or invite less people!